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EEG-1166 amplifier

Our products.

Braintronics produces sophisticated EEG Amplifiers from 32 to 256 channels for a very attractive price.

Buyers need to add third party Analysis Software on a PC for a complete product.

64 channel EEG amplifier with SpO2 and Event.
Our customers.
Companies selling EEG instruments.
Manufacturers and distributors of EEG software use our products to sell with their Analysis Software, without need for their own hardware development. We provide special services like customized text plates and flexible delivery. Even if you already have your own amplifiers, your market can be very much expanded if you allow your software to work with our amplifiers. We give full support to software developers, take a look at our free Virtual Amplifiers!
Users of EEG and Sleep Analysis instruments.
Users can buy the EEG amplifiers from us and the EEG or Sleep Analysis software from companies that interfaced to our amplifiers.
Research institutions.
Due to our simple network interface protocol, researchers developing their own special software will love our amplifiers for their performance, flexibility and small size.
Why choose Braintronics?
Our 44 years of experience in EEG resulted in a range of very attractive instruments for Neurophysiology diagnostics and research. We have “the smallest in the world” 256 channel EEG amplifier and our systems are very flexible and low cost. Since we do not sell software, all our effort is directed to making the best hardware for the best price.
BRAINBOX® Virtual Amplifier, a unique free concept!

Any software developer can now evaluate our amplifiers with their software free of charge. Our Virtual Amplifier concept is a piece of software that runs on a PC and emulates the behavior of a real amplifier, it can be downloaded from our website. Once you have it up and running with your own software, you simply buy a real amplifier and plug it in to have a working product.

Now it’s very easy to make your software run with our amplifiers!

Free BRAINBOX® Monitor software for test and evaluation.

Our free Monitor program is intended for testing and evaluation of our amplifiers, it can be downloaded from our website and works both with a Virtual Amplifier and a real amplifier.



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